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THE DINFERENCE between Value Investors and the ordinary traders

THE DINFERENCE between Value Investors and the ordinary traders
(NOT the professional traders)

1. A Value Investors just happy if the stock price drops.  When the share price then dropped to 900 (down 10%), a trader will see it as an MISTAKE and must immediately cut loss . While a Value investors will see it as an OPPORTUNITY and make a purchase more provided there are no fundamental problems with the company.

2. A value investor does not have to always be in front of the laptop.  every second is momentum for a trader. However, for a value investor, the stock price will go up by itself during the company's performance also improved.

3. A value investor buys a company, whereas a trader buys a stock price. By being a value investor, I do not worry if the stock price drops. But I would be worried if the company that I hold shares decreased performance.

4. And most importantly, being a Value Investor is much more relaxed and far from stress.

Professional traders can do better than that, there are a space more powerfull between value investor and the ordinary traders, you can do it  better,  are you ?

Trader which can do it more better than that called wealthy investor.

Ellen may call it a rich investor but I do not agree with that, there are a number of differences between the terms rich investor and wealthy investor.

Wealthy has a deeper rich meaning. In addition to rich in terms of material, people who are in the wealthy category also has a wealth and establishment of mindset. The vision and mission of these people are always one step ahead and wider than the other rich. Innovation and change are indicators of a person belonging to the wealthy category.

Being wealthy means making meaningful changes that have not happened around you yet. You must be able to be useful to others and make other people's lives meaningful. The rich status you have must also have meaning for the people around.

Rich can get a person in an instant. Suppose a child becomes rich because of the inheritance of his parents who is a conglomerate. Or it could be a builder gets rich suddenly when winning the lottery hundreds of millions. In contrast to rich, a wealthy must go through a long process because of the maturity and establishment of the mindset can not be achieved instantly.

here are several character  for wealthy investor:

1. They are very good savers

2. They don't put everything in the stock markets.

3. They develop and stick with a detailed plan that will help them reach their unique goals.

4. They work with financial professionals.

Where Does the Wealthy Investor Place Their Money?

 Wealth investor targeting

1.How can I get the highest return with the least amount of risk?
2.How can I protect profits and principal?
3.What can I do to GUARANTEE my investment portfolio will be worth more in the future?

This article is  Quoted and processed from various sources

About writer
My name is Keneisha,  I am a stock market practitioner having experienced investing in the stock market since 2005

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